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 Pattern cutting Samantha Warren


Our collections are heavily inspired by nature, drawing inspiration from its striking colours and organic forms. We want to keep enjoying our natural environment and ensuring that future generations will enjoy it too.

Did you know?

We use carefully selected off cuts and discontinued leather stock from the fashion industry to make our clutch bags. Leather is very durable and we want you to cherish and make use of your Samantha Warren pieces for years to come.

We use natural materials such as silk, cotton and leather. Producing materials from natural fibres are less harmful to our environment and are biodegradable.

We digitally print our fabrics. This method has less ink residual runoff and uses less water than many of the traditional methods of textile printing.

Our products are all about print in simple and classic product shapes. Because of this, we are able to use almost every bit of printed fabric to create our products. Any leftover pieces are made into small accessories such as our scrunchies, purses and pencil cases.