Designing our latest collection: Quill

Quill is our exciting new collection. We have created four designs inspired by the Futurism art movement and the iridescence of bird feathers. Each design has been digitally printed onto 100% silk and made into a beautiful wristlet bag. We have hand-crafted each wristlet with a genuine leather strap and back panel to create a very tactile and unique product.

Read more to find out what goes on behind the scenes in designing our latest collection.


Our Design Process.

Drawing days at the Horniman Museum, Forest Hill, London




Futurism Exhibition: Giacomo Balla, Estorick Collection, London and workshop with textile designer Faye McNulty


Design development and refining a colour palette.

Experimentation with our research. Combining our hand painted designs with collage and photography.


Building the collection.

Continuing to develop our designs using our sketches and photographs in the colour palette.


Further refinements lead us to select four final designs. Ta daa!

The hand made silk and leather collection can be found here. You can also customise your bag by choosing one of our coloured leather straps, including a hologram leather! Our favourite.


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