How are we sustainable?

Our collections are heavily inspired by nature, drawing inspiration from its striking colours and organic forms. We want to keep enjoying our natural environment and ensuring that future generations will enjoy it too. To do this, we need to protect it.



Did you know?

The majority of our leather comes from offcuts and discontinued stock from the fashion industry. We carefully select each piece which goes into producing our products. The longevity of leather is excellent and it ages well over time so our products can be enjoyed for longer.

The leather on the back of the Alvida bag, £48


Our products are all about print in simple and classic product shapes. Because of this, we are able to minimise waste and use every bit of printed fabric to create our products and any leftover pieces are made into scrunchies, purses and pencil cases.

Ava pencil case, £22


We use natural materials to make our products. All of our fashion accessories are made using silk, cotton and leather which are biodegradable, unlike man-made fabrics which are difficult to break down and made using chemicals.

Freyja silk and leather bag, £48


We digitally print our fabrics. This method of printing has less ink residual run-off and uses less water than other printing techniques and is currently our preferred method. We are currently looking into natural print and dye techniques and look forward to sharing our findings with you soon. 



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